March Favorites

When an Instagram follower of mine suggested that I should start sharing my monthly favorites, I was immediately so pumped! I love trying new products and sharing things that can help people find new items they can fall in love with too. Thus begins my new monthly blog feature! I hope you try some of these out for yourself and like them as much as I do. (Product pictures are linked for shopping)


Hello Charcoal Toothpaste is a true gem of a find. We were running low on toothpaste and I found this at Target. Um, NEVER GOING BACK TO SENSODYNE! It leaves your mouth feeling minty and fresh and safely whitens your teeth at the same time. The only downside is that when using it creates a mess and be careful for it not to come in contact with your clothes.


Charcoal Peppermint and Tea Tree soap from LimeLife by Alcone is definetly the ultimate unicorn product I’ve been waiting for. I have suffered with annoying back pimples for over a year and much to no avail, finding zero products to combat it. Im not kidding. I have tried EVERY thing I could find in stores that promise “no more acne” and nothing worked. If anything, they made the breakouts on my back WORSE. Bacne no more thanks to this magic bar! The activated charcoal draws out bacteria and toxins in the skin while tea tree oil combats it with its healing antiseptic powers. It doubles for usage on both face and body to detox your skin of impurities. I will never let myself run out of this soap, especially during swimsuit season!


Teavana Youthberry Tea tastes like it was “crafted by the angels and dropped straight from Heaven and into grocery stores for us to obsess over”.  (That’s a direct quote from my best friend.) The first time I tasted this tea was at a recent hair appointment. My hairdresser served it to me hot but she suggests trying it on ice too. AMAZING! You’ll have to try it for yourself to understand the level of yumminess! Youthberry is a white tea citrus blend with notes of wild orange blossom, mango, hibiscus, and rose petals. MAGIC in a teacup!

Lange typically gets a lot of mixed reviews but my favorite product I have tried so far is Rival Heat Shield. It smells almost floral to me and leaves my hair shiny and soft. I spray it on before blow drying and using hot tools to keep it from damaging my hair. My personal experience is that it works great and even the small bottle is lasting me several months with daily usage.

Oh, my precious epsom salt’s. I have come to the age where I look forward to a relaxing, scorching hot bath at the end of the day while enjoying my favorite face masks and listening to true crime podcasts. (Yes, I’m addicted!) When it comes to epsom salts, I love the benefits you get from a detox bath. Lavender and Euclauptis infused salts tend to be my go-to’s but I recently found a blend that I cant get enough of. The Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is without a doubt my new favorite and I am so hooked on the smell. Soaking in this salt has been great for my circulation and has helped me take relaxing to the next level. There are a ton of benefits from Pink Himalayan Sea Salt but I’m urging you to research it until I can get that up in a separate blog post! The next time you’re in the store, grab some of this awesome salt in the beauty section.

St. Tropez tan water mist is a product I found when browsing at Ulta. At first glance I was like “What the WHAT is tan water and how could that work”? but I was intrigued enough to buy it just to see. I LOVE IT! Its such a lightweight mist and the result isn’t overwhelming at all. There is virtually no smell which is a huge self-tanner pet peeve of mine and the color pay off is natural.



Disclaimer: I am not a makeup artist, but a woman who has always loved helping other women feel beautiful. I’m proud to be a part of a professional-quality makeup and skincare brand that allows me to provide products used by the pros at an affordable cost. My blog is based on my own personal opinions and recommendations. Included in this post are links that will direct you to my LimeLife by Alcone website where you can browse and shop these products. I generate commission based off of your purchases and I am so very grateful for your support!


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