Shop My Amazon Clothing Haul – July 2019

I AM SO PUMPED! It’s official! Now, I can share my favorite Amazon finds with you to make your shopping experience fast and easy! EEK!!! (Does overly- excited happy dance)

It’s no secret….US MOMS ARE BUSY, YALL! You can forget adding shopping to the long list of daily activities. How many of you are where I have been most of my life and grab whatever old thing (that still fits) that you can find, throw on some lipstick, brush your hair (maybe lol) and call it a day? That all changed for me when I realized shopping for clothes on Amazon was so much easier than I thought. Like SOOOOOO much. A ridiculous amount of much, okay. When you add in the shipping perks of Prime and the overall thrifty prices for the boutique-style clothing, you just cannot beat shopping from your phone in a matter of seconds.

No more rushed, stressful shopping with screaming children on your hip. No more second guessing if it would look as good on you as does the models. Now you can shop with screaming kids from the comfortability of your own home. lol YAY! Now you can view pictures of other women that are your weight/height to have an idea of how it would look and fit on your gorgeous body, sister! Seriously. What MORE could we ask for? It’s almost too good to be true!

I want to share with you below 8 of my favorite clothing purchases this Summer that I am obsessed with. I’ll review things that I don’t like as well, but so far I haven’t bought a thing I have disliked. I know there’s quite a few items in here that you will love too and If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I will be glad to help you with sizing and even suggest a few styling tips for dressing up an outfit  or ways to wear it for a casual setting.

Let’s begin! …

1. The Everyday Dress 

Out of all of my purchases this Summer, this dress is easily my favorite by far! It’s available in a variety of patterns and colors. Dress it up with a chunky necklace and heels, throw on a jean jacket, or add any accessories you want! Go WILD! The possibilities are endless with the ability to add things to dress it up or dress it down.

*It’s roomy so size down for accurate fit. Knot the bottom/side for an added touch. knotting it helps if you’re short like me and the dress is a bit too long.

 2. Seeing Spots

“Cute, comfortable, and stylish…”  were the first compliments I received in this dress. I wore it to the registration portion of a recent business conference in Aurora, Colorado. The fabric is light and breathable which, in summary, makes the perfect addition to my warm weather wardrobe.

*True to size.

3. Business or Pleasure

What a steal! I have never worn such a practical  “business casual” dress in all of my life! I wore this dress while attending long classes over the course of an 8 hour day and this was a perfect choice to keep me looking stylish and feeling comfortable. My necklace was $8 from Walmart and I got so many compliments on it as well.

True to size.

4. The Git Up Dress

This dress is #trending just like the dance! Talk about CUTE! Comes in so many colors and fit’s like a glove. Add a little denim jacket, your best boots, and a cowboy hat and you’re ready to hit the hoedown just like I did! When cooler weather arrives, pair it with a cardigan and leggings and you’ve got yourself a dress you can wear all year!

*True to size.

5. She’s A Wildflower

Hey girl hey! Stop what you are doing and buy this dress! You can grab this must-have ensemble in just about any color or pattern. It’s long enough to wear without leggings but short enough to add them if you wish! High-quality, boutique fabric that is just what you need to wear to a wedding, family portraits, and everything in between.

*Runs a bit large on me.

6. The Luxe Lounger

Shut the front door! A lounge-wear outfit thats cute AND casual? Yes please! This jumpsuit is a dream come true. Mark my words, I will own every single color it is available in. You can dress this outfit up or down with jewelry and wedges. Keep your sneakers on, girl, and take this jumper out for a jog! Available in many styles and colors. A must-have item for every traveler’s suitcase.

*True to size.

7. The Style At Home Mom

I just realized I don’t have a full-body picture of me in this dress. Early morning. Last day of school. Bare with me lol. 😦 But, I mean, can it get much cuter? Throwing on this pretty dress makes me feel like million bucks, even if I hardly ever leave the house! I want to grab a few more dresses in this style. I have my eye on a few of the solid colors! In the Fall, I plan on adding long necklaces with a cardigan or jean jacket and booties to get the most wear out of my thrifty dress purchase.

*Runs a bit bigger on me. Knot bottom/side for added style or if the dress is too long.

8. Summer Vibes

Everyone thought I broke the bank when I showed up to my brother’s wedding wearing this dress. My family was stunned to learn that I snagged it on Amazon for less than  what I would have paid for 3 dresses at a department store. I can think of so many occasions to wear this dress and the other color/pattern options that are available.

*True to size, but top portion is a little loose unless you are a blessed with your chest ;). (Can easily be altered to fit with fashion tape.)


Tips From Me:
I’m a frequent Amazon buyer. The most crucial advice I can get is check those reviews! I NEVER purchase clothes without stalking the comment section. Any good item is packed with helpful info from customers, including pictures of weight and height variations for comparing when considering what size to buy for yourself. Remember, If you purchase something you love, return the favor with a detailed Amazon review and don’t forget to comment here with your thoughts!

I hope you too love what you find and have a happy shopping experience! I cannot wait to see your new favorite things! 🙂



* I am an official Amazon Associate. Any purchase you make through the links listed above with be credited towards my account where I receive commission based on number of purchases. 



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