Amazon 2019 Favorites – Fashion Edition

2019 was a good year for fashion finds on Amazon! I found myself “adding to cart” a lot more than shopping for hours and leaving empty-handed and frustrated. Thats a big WIN for me! In this blog, you’ll find my Top Fashion Favorite’s list with the shopping links attached.

I hope you find some new pieces to add to your closet that you love as much as I do! Don’t forget to leave a comment in the box below and let me know your thoughts when your items arrive!

Over The Knee Suede Boots – SHOP HERE

Feel’n cute. Might take some family pictures later idk.  Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about these suede boots. They come in many different shades and are TTS. Shout out to my amazing photographer, Casie, for a fun photoshoot in New Orleans! (Pictured in BROWN 2 INCH)

High-Waist Skinny Jeans – SHOP HERE

Bodysuit – SHOP HERE

Okay slow your scroll! These jeans are not even jeans! It’s an imposter of the best kind! Super soft material make these jeans fit like a glove. I read a ton of the reviews and compared body type pictures to pick my size. I’m 123ish and wearing a 7. As far as the bodysuit goes, I’m wearing a size small and let me just say this is my favorite bodysuit I’ve ever bought from Amazon. I was comfortable all day long in Diagon Alley, casting spells and doing all the Wizard-ly things. (Jeans pictured in MEDIUM DENIM)

Wide-Brimmed Fedora – SHOP HERE

I never thought I’d be one to wear a hat but as it turns out, when you step outside of your style comfort zone some pretty great and unexpected things seem to happen to your confidence. You’ll see this wool fedora three times in this blog because my daughter loved it just as much as I do! Its soft, available in many colors, and an item i’ll be purchasing in different shades again. (item pictured is in the color CAMEL)

Holographic Fanny Pack – SHOP HERE

I can’t believe I’m writing a review on a fanny pack, y’all! Is it 1992 and I switched places with my Mother? All jokes aside, I loved it so much I bought it in two colors; holographic black and silver. It was the perfect choice for a theme park day because it stored everything I needed without the weight of a backpack on my back. That particular day my back was killing me. These fanny packs have a hidden storage on the side closest to my waist that is theft-proof and exactly what need to hide your money when you’re out and about on vacation. (Pictured in HOLOGRAPHIC SILVER)

Boho Turquoise Beaded Necklace – SHOP HERE

I have worn this style steal so many times because it goes with everything and every season. I’m confident that you can fit this affordable piece into your wardrobe and be glad you snatched it up!

Earring Bundle – SHOP HERE

Let me just declare something…I am not really a “jewelry” person. Especially earrings. I tend to leave the accessorizing to my makeup #slay. No matter what, my ears tend to bleed and (warning) ooze from infection only mere hours after I put some on. Yes, even the kind that claim they are “safe for sensitive ears.” These did NOT cause any of my usual “no pain no gain” side effects of wearing earrings! of course, this is just my personal experience I’m blogging about here. I can’t claim you won’t react if you normally tend to with jewelry. All I’m saying is, these are freaking cute, affordable as hell, and pretty much amazing. (This is style A and one pair is missing in this picture)

Happy Bee Tee – SHOP HERE

This brand, well…Ive bought so many shirts from them because they are THE BEES KNEES. True to size, soft, and all-around POSITIVE! I tie up the side sometimes or wear it as is but it can be worn tucked-in too for a trendy look. I am HAPPY with this shirt which is why it most definitely made my Top Favorite’s Fashion list!

Little Black Dress – SHOP HERE

Versatility, here! I have worn this dress on a business trip for a conference where I was bouncing from class to class all day and I stayed so comfortable. The material is a soft and breathable cotton blend. It’s functional enough to wear to a wedding, church, or on a date night. All you’ll need to pull off this look for any occasion is to dress it up with jewelry or a scarf. Trust me, sis. You will thank me for this!

Boho Rucksack – SHOP HERE

Surprise! I’m not really a “purse” girl either. I needed an everyday bag for myself and this was my first choice one night as I was scrolling through Amazon. Fast forward 6 months, I still use it everyday and it looks brand new! I love it! I LOVE IT! Did I mention I LOVE IT??? So you get the picture. If you’re searching for a tan bag with a boho vibe, then you’ve come to the right spot!


* * This post contains pictures taken with a LIGHTROOM PRESET. Some colors may vary. This post contains affiliate links and I do make a commission off of purchases. I am so grateful for any orders!






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