DIY ornaments

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is creating our own decorations or giving old decorations a makeover. I found a box of clear ornaments of different sizes from last year and decided I should give life to a few of them. I think clear ornaments are seriously underrated. You can do ANYTHING to them to make them your own, not to mention they are so cheap. They are a piece of art just waiting to happen! I remember as a kid, my mom would buy a box and we would fill the inside with different colors of paint and glitter, give them a swirl, and then we would be amazed with the beautiful and unique end result. All it takes for you to create your own unique ornaments on a budget are random craft supplies and imagination! Just be careful with the edges. The glass seems to be fragile and thin at the top so be extra careful when filling them with pretties!

For these 4 ornaments I made today, I used yarn, ribbon, glitter, tulle, and mod podge…all things I already had laying around my craft supplies closet. That’s the gift the gift that keeps on giving with creative people. We ALWAYS have craft supplies to make something out of the blue! I started out with using a thin paintbrush and spreading matte mod podge at the bottom of the base on the inside. Next, I sprinkled a mix of silver glitter with stars on the inside, swirled it around, shook it up, and watched as something so plain turned into a funky, sparkly masterpiece. I left one ornament just like that. For the others, I added shiny white tulle in one, emerald yarn and ribbon in another, and dusty rose yarn with a similar color glitter in the last one I made today.

It’s really that simple making something from nothing when it comes to using clear ornaments. You can see what you have laying around the house or browse online for resources. Stickers, temporary tattoos, paint, charms, and bulky, fun patterns of ribbon to hang them on the tree, also add a fun flair to plain ornaments. At first, I planned on adding twine to these to place on my tree, but once I added them to a wicker basket, I realized they found their home this season on my coffee table. Talk about a bohemian glam style win!!!

Below I am listing some links to blog posts of other ornaments that were made by my crafty friends. Hopefully you are just as inspired as we are to add a little creative jazz to this holiday season this year!!

One thought on “DIY ornaments

  1. I love clear ornaments for the same reason!! I buy a pack on clearance after the season is over because my kids love making them. We’ve redone some over the years too. I love the glittery ones you made!


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