Book Review: Captivated AND ceo

It’s important to me to give authors a voice with my platform and remind everyone of more great stories by writer’s you may never have heard of because typically only traditionally published author’s on the best seller’s list get coverage. Self-publishing IS PUBLISHING and its a HUGE thing to celebrate an indie author success! Today, I am featuring TWO of my favorite books “Captivated” and “CEO” by Grace DeMato and I am so pumped to share my thoughts! About 7 years ago, I met an aspiring author who put so much dedication into her work that set her apart from the rest. The emotion she put into her stories intrigued me to read everything she would write from then on out. We became close friends fast and her ambition ultimately inspired me everyday to keep on writing too. I have enjoyed following her writing journey so much, watching her succeed in publishing and creating more stories that and the world and I have fallen in love with.

The first story that Grace wrote had me hooked from the start, and because we became very good friends, I was able to read every version of this book from unedited to extra scenes. I can’t explain how exciting it has been having that “behind the scenes” look into the plotting and planning of a novel that became a classic favorite of mine. I thought it would be fun to give my official first review of two of her published novels with a few bonus out-takes from the author herself!

Captivated by Grace DeMato Synopsis:

When Niko Hayes decided to move to Montana, he only had one thing in mind; a college degree. That all changed when Sandra Chambers, the school’s freak mystery girl, found him. His friends warned him to be careful, that she was…well, crazy; Niko didn’t listen. Something about her, something about how she looked at him, the way she smiled, captured his heart. 

I can’t help but watch in awe at how every person this girl passes stops and stares at her; yet, she doesn’t seem to notice. Either she’s used to this kind of treatment or she truly doesn’t know what she is to the world.  I shake my head at my thoughts. I just met this girl, I don’t even know her name; and yet, I can’t get her dark eyes out of my head.
Although, Niko ends up realizing that maybe he should have listened to his friends when Sandra turns out not being who she claimed to be.

Review – 5 Stars:

A good book aims at drawing emotion from the reader. As a writer myself, I know that the ultimate goal is to make the reader FEEL something. When reading this book, I gave Grace a play-by-play of emotional feedback from practically every single sentence in this story. There is just something about the main character’s that truly made this story a gripping read. Sandra may be my favorite character of all time. From twists and turns to unique, passionate characters, I couldn’t get enough of Sandra and Niko’s story. I’ve read this book three times now and I still get goosebumps every time and end up in a puddle of tears. Grab this book when you are looking for a realistic story of young love, troubling family struggles, and exciting drama!

It’s available on Amazon and right now on Kindle Unlimited for free!!

CEO by Grace DeMato synopsis:

CEO of the family business, living in a penthouse in New York City with her boyfriend and best friend. Gabriella Giannelli, to the world, may have it all. She’s living the dream most people want at the age of twenty-six; but everything is not as it seems. To you, she may smile and have herself put together. But once her birthday rolls around, the smile drops and the tears start to fall… She’ll never forgive herself for what happened that night years ago.

Review – 5 stars:

Out of all of the stories Grace has written, I believe CEO wins the award for turning me into an emotional mess. She warned me before I read the book that it would leave me feeling all the things and possibly even cause me to be mad at her. Spoiler alert: I was extremely angry for the ugly cry that came from me while reading this book but Gabriella’s story was worth the puffy eyes afterwards. I’m just kidding. Like I said before, a great book usually does make you cry at some point. Grab this book when you are looking for a realistic read containing deep, family trauma, wild love, and a strong female strength.

* This story contains instances of abuse and mental illness. It is available on Amazon and right now on Kindle Unlimited for free!

From the author:

I’m a 24 year old MFA student (final year) who discovered her love for writing only a couple of years ago. I have written six books and three children’s books. My first book, The CEO, came about when I was joking around with friends acting out scenarios and a whole plot line popped into my head. One scene turned into multiple chapters and a sequel. The CEO was originally written in 2014 but I rewrote it and self published it in 2019. Captivated was my fifth book that I wrote in 2015 and then self published it after a rewrite in 2018. I currently have a final thesis for my MFA, so I decided to rewrite a book that I completed in 2015 and submit it for that. It is set in 1956 Tennessee and is about a young girl Amelia who was born a dare devil but a traumatic experience has flipped her 180 degrees and she ends up in an insane asylum to treat her anxiety. She learns about the disgusting ways of the asylum and what they do to patients thanks to Ezra, a boy she meets there, and they both decide they need to break out before the doctors break into them and make them clinically insane.

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